What’s good about France

I fear that I am becoming a francophile. The list of good things is getting too long. It now includes empty roads, cheap hotels, people who say bon jour and au revoir in cafes, small repeater traffic lights at a level where you see them, lots of aires with picnic tables and clean loos (and, in one on the A4, piped traffic news as you pee), better coffee, moules frites, markets and food shops in city centres, a positive attitude to culture (including art on the autoroute verges on the A4), free cathedrals (candles extra for those who need them), subsidised museums and art galleries (average cost to us €3.50 per visit), eating out of doors, people who have real conversations in cafes, nuclear power, a desire to save Greece. ….

And, miracle of miracles, they seem to have almost eliminated tipping.



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