Last day in Strasbourg

Today was the hottest day of the trip, reaching 33C. Thanks be to aircon in our Mercure!

We started the day with a boat trip around the island and out to the European Commission site. A good way to survey the whole city centre, and to assure us that it would not be worth taking the tram out later to walk the Euro site.

When the boat docked we were right behind the Palace de Rohan, which does not contain my favourite outdoor clothes shop, but does house three museums. We foolishly decided to see the Musee des Beaux Arts and were a bit disappointed – early art is so last century (or four). Lunch soon followed and I experimented with a Salade Strasbougoise. This rather overdosed on cervelas (pink sausage) and gruyere, and under-dosed me with flavour, but it passed a pleasant hour with beer and shade.

This afternoon I left Gwen reading and went to see the Tomi Ungerer museum.  This was a real hit: Ungerer, born in Strasbourg, was an artistic polymath. He wrote and illustrated children’s books, drew cartoons and satirical sketches, and dabbled seriously in erotica (look for his Joy of Frogs for further evidence). I have included a few of his more innocuous drawings below. The first is the cover of Moon Man, one of his books for children.

The evening concluded with a very pleasant meal under the (allegedly) oldest tree in Strasbourg, where the temperature had dropped to below 30 in the shade. I like Strasbourg, but I heard more English spoken than anywhere else on this trip.


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