Hotels – a reflection

We have stayed in many hotels, B&Bs, ships and even friends’ houses. Over the past decade there seems to have been one inexorable trend: stuff on your bed. This is usually combined with a warm room, such that one could easily sleep with a single sheet or light duvet. Why then is the bed invariably piled with bolsters, pillows, cushions, throws, that funny band of material across the lower half and even, in the most extreme cases, soft toys? And what is one supposed to do with these (large) things while sleeping? The whole available floor ends up knee-deep in soft detritus.

Meanwhile in the bathroom a contrasting minimalism is evident. Instead of a piece of soap and and a tiny bottle labelled shampoo we find a single allegedly multi-purpose squeezy tube which delivers a dollop of gunge inadequate either for washing or shampooing ones (abundant) hair. And while I’m whingeing why, if I’m lucky enough to find tiny bottles, is the print on them so small that I have to leave the bathroom to find my glasses?

To end on a positive note our current Mercure also has fluffy dressing gowns, a fridge containing FREE soft drinks, a Nespresso machine with six capsules, and an iPhone dock. (But the dressing gowns cluttered up the bed!). And we are enjoying our holiday tremendously.



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